Radcon History:

1.1.10 3-6-07

Delayed meter trigger event in insertion-loss (cable-calibration) utility. When using a signal source that was slow to change frequency and a meter device that was very fast, the meter would sometimes measure the signal before the source had changed frequency, if the meter config file used a command in the trigger field. Problem was found using a Marconi 2022 sig-gen and an Agilent 7402A spec-an.

1.1.9 1-3-05

Fixed a bug regarding instruments that require EOS of CR or CR/LF.  Corrected problem with stack overflow when testing SigGen without all parameters defined.

1.1.8 3-26-04

A redundant 0.5 second delay was removed from the calibration leveling loop. Improved calibration speed by about 10%.

1.1.7 3-7-04

Made changes to allow a dual channel instrument to act as both a power meter and a meter. Change involved deferring meter trigger till after power-meter had finished taking power reading.

Added test results directory option.

Insertion Loss utility, added header information to printout.

1.1.6 2-9-04

Added shell to interp utility.

Changes to manual mode to work with constant peak AM option.


First public release.

Constant Peak AM works with mod-off between freqs.

Changed manual mode to work with mod-off between freqs and constant-peak AM tests.

1.1.4 1-2-04

Mod off between frequencies, for leveling with instruments that don't work well with modulation. This version does not work properly with constant peak method of AM.

Added script engine version to display in "about" dialog.

Changed meter to always use the defined settling time.

Added delay if meter and power meter were using same GPIB address. (dual channel instrument).

Added more units options to meter and power meter functions.


Includes script parser for the power meter as well.

Changed keypress routine to correct bug with arrow keys in text boxes.

1.1.2 10-18-03

Version released with script parser for meter. Released for test to Herb Walker. (version listed by program actually 1.1.1)

Manual mode, added code to prevent instrument commands from being sent any faster than once every 1/2 seconds. Added keyboard hook to improve arrow keys response.