RadCon 1.1 Free Download

Now Available!

Update 5-5-05: Updated to version 1.1.9.  I Fixed a few bugs in the instrument drivers, all of which related to instruments that require EOS settings (CR or CR/LF). Problem was highlighted by using a National Instrument GPIB-RS232 converter to talk to a serial spectrum analyzer.  Much thanks to Glenn Robb of Compliance Engineering for letting me use his lab/equipment to test this out.

For the time being, this is a FREE release. The reason?  So much of the EMC compliance test software I have seen have really bad user-interfaces, are hard to setup or configure, are full of bugs, or just don't work! And they sometimes sell for thousands of dollars!!! I want to acquaint people with my software and how easy it is to setup/use. This is NOT a demo version or crippleware. It is fully functional software that can do fully compliant testing to most of the conducted immunity standards. The evaluation version has a default "RadCon Evaluation" title on the screen. If you wish to register it, you will get a version that allows you to customize the title and background picture.

The future releases will be for sale.

Version 1.5 will have graph outputs and more options for reports.  I have not worked much lately on this, if you are interested let me know!

If there is enough interest in the above versions, I will begin work on version 2.0. It will be a major step up, and will add the ability to use VBScript files to control instruments, in addition to the simple command definition of the existing version.  Version 2.0 will also include Radiated Immunity testing.


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