RadCon 1.1 Conducted-Immunity


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Typical CDI Setup


This is the equipment setup form.  Clicking on the "SigGen", "Meter", or "Power Meter" buttons allows you to pick the instruments (defined in instrumentation configuration files) to use for testing.  The "Meter" instrument can be a spectrum analyzer, a power meter, or a digital oscilloscope, providing the frequency range, dynamic range and measurement type are appropriate.  Under the utilities menu, there is an insertion loss utility that will perform freq/loss characterizations of cables and attenuators, as well as preamp freq/gain.  (back to top)


Above is the screen where different factor files can be selected. (If the full path is too long to display in the text boxes, moving the mouse pointer over the text box will cause a windows tool-tip to display the full pathname, as shown above.)  The cable loss file (used for calibrations and probe feedback during tests), directional coupler forward and reverse port files, and monitor probe factor file can be selected here. The "Max Amp Power" file is a file containing the highest power the amp is capable of generating (not currently implemented).  There is a "Factor Edit" utility to allow creation and editing of factor files used by the program, such as test limit lines, probe factors, cable loss, etc.   (back to top)


The only selections for amplifiers at this time is "generic" and "IFI CMX5001".  If "generic" is selected, the program will not use any gpib commands for amplifier control, it must all be done manually.  The "IFI CMX5001" selection will cause the program to use gpib commands to control the IFI CMX5001 amp. All amp functions will be automatically controlled, including band switching between the low and high frequency amps. The frequency at which the band switch occurs can be selected anywhere from 200 to 230 MHz inclusive.  (back to top)