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Typical CDI Setup

Insertion Loss Setup

The RadCon program has a simple insertion-loss facility that can be used to collect factors for cables, amplifier gain, attenuators and directional couplers.  The screen above shows the setup information used to perform the insertion loss run, including the frequency range and stepping, dwell time and signal generator level.

Insertion Loss Run

For an insertion loss run, first there must be a sweep made without the device in the signal path. This is the "direct" run. After these values are collected, then another sweep is made with the device inserted in the signal path. The difference between the two readings is the insertion loss (or gain, in the case of an amplifier).  Care and knowledge must be used to insure that proper methods and equipment are used to perform this function. For instance, do not set the signal generator too high and overdrive the input of an amp, or do not set the signal generator too low for the measuring device's dynamic range. The software assumes the operator knows what they are doing!