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RadCon 1.1
Conducted Immunity Software

This program is used for compliance testing to GR1089, IEC 1000-4-6, SAE automotive and MIL-STD test specifications.  It can perform substitution type testing, where pre-calibrated signal generator levels are replayed during tests.  It can also perform substitution testing to forward-power or net-power levels recorded during calibrations.  In addition, it can monitor the induced current during the test and optionally limit over-testing based on the induced level.  Files for cable loss, directional coupler factors and probe factors are used for measurement corrections.  Interpolations are performed for all factor files as well as calibration file and limit-line data.  This allows frequencies to be tested that are between calibration frequencies, such as EUT sensitive frequencies not known in advance of testing.  It also allows use of measuring probes that do not have flat frequency responses.

Being a lab-tech first, I wrote RadCon with the needs of the lab tech in mind. For instance, there are programs available that will run the test but don't have an easy way to determine the failure threshold. With RadCon, if failures are noted during the test, an interactive "manual" mode allows full threshold detection and recording.  At any time during a test, the lab tech can switch to the manual mode, determine the failure threshold, and then return to the test mode. At the end of the test a report can be saved to disk or printed to file with all threshold data as well as the test-run parameters.

I also wanted this to be a complete application. This includes an online help file as well as printed documentation. Almost every window in the program has a pull-down menu selection for help. There is a help menu item specifically for the window that is opened, and if there is a tabbed dialog the program determines which tab is visible and can load the help screen specific to that tab. I have also extensively utilized the tool-tip function for a lot of the text-boxes which give a quick description of what each item does. I will also be posting how-to and example configuration files for specific tests.

Future Releases

Sometime in the not-so-distant future I hope to release RadCon 1.5. There will be some minor changes made, the most significant will be improvements to the report print/export as well as the ability to graph the output.

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