RadCon 1.1 Conducted Immunity

This program is used for compliance testing to GR1089, IEC 1000-4-6, SAE J1113 automotive and MIL-STD test specifications.  To learn more about RadCon, click here.

RI-140 Magnetic Field Immunity

This is a program to perform magnetic field immunity tests to the Ford RI-140 spec, which is virtually identical to a MIL-STD RS101 spec. It tests automotive components for susceptibility to low-frequency magnetic fields that could be present in automobiles.

Interp Factor File Utility

This is a simple utility to combine factor files as well as perform interpolations. It is also included with the RadCon program above.

EMC Formulas that I have compiled over the years.

EMC Icons

EMC Related Windows Icons

If there are any features you would like to see in EMC RF immunity software, please email me. I am also available to write custom applications.