Updated 1-3-04.

I first started writing lab automation programs while I was at Burroughs Wellcome. I wrote some simple data collection/transfer programs, as well as routines for laboratory robots (Zymark).  (click here to see some of the work at BW that I was involved with)  During my time in EMC, I have written applications to automate various EMC tests, mostly conducted and radiated RF immunity.

I develop software using Visual Basic and the National Instruments GPIB library, but I can also do the C language as well.  To get an idea of my capabilities, take a look at the various programs below. 

RadCon 1.1 Conducted Immunity Program

This is a program that performs conducted immunity to various test standards. A free download is now available!

RI-140 Magnetic Field Immunity

This is a program to perform magnetic field immunity tests to the Ford RI-140 spec, which is virtually identical to a MIL-STD RS101 spec. It tests automotive components for susceptibility to low-frequency magnetic fields that could be present in automobiles.

Condimmu (Conducted Immunity) and Radimmu (Radiated Immunity)

These are programs to perform conducted and radiated immunity to IEC1000-4-3 and IEC1000-4-6 tests. The Condimmu program was made obsolete by the RadCon program above.  The Radimmu program will soon be obsolete as well.

SAE/Ford Triplate

This is a program to perform radiated immunity tests to the Ford spec, which is very similar to the SAE J1113 TPL test spec.  It is used to test automotive components for susceptibility to high level E-fields that can exist inside automobiles.

TEM Cell

This test is very similar to the above Triplate test. The difference is that a TEM cell is fully enclosed where the Triplate is open sided. The TEM cell is limited in upper frequency by the size of the TEM cell, which can go modal (rf "echos" exist which cause hot-spots and nulls) when the wavelength begins to approach the dimensions of the TEM cell.  The triplate also goes modal, but since it is open sided, the echo effect is reduced.

GM Bulk Current Injection (BCI)

This is a very intensive test from a software point-of-view. It is a closed-loop conducted immunity test.

Chrysler Direct Injection (DI)

Another conducted immunity test, where the signal is injected onto single conductors in a wiring harness.

Volvo Alternator Whine Immunity

This is a program to test automotive components for susceptibility to abnormal alternator noise conducted into the voltage lines of automotive components.

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